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About me

Name : Eric Sambre.

Born : 1965.

Nationality : Belgian.

Location : Namur.

Altitude : a few feet above ground, usually.

Techniques : digital painting, photo manipulation.















- 2019 "Arts et math – Voyage(s) entre deux mondes" – Casablanca & Rabat, Morocco

- 2016 "Arts et math - Ecriture(s)" – Brussels, Belgium

- 2015 "ULB et VUB exposed" – Brussels, Belgium

- 2014 "Arts et math"– Brussels, Belgium

- 2013 "Chiamata alle arti" – Salerno, Italy

- 2013 "Images du sud" – Brussels, Belgium

- 2011 "ULB s'expose" – Brussels, Belgium







- ULB Collection of Contemporary Art 



My work is at the opposite of conceptual art: it is form that gives birth to the idea, rather than the contrary. I usually start from the vibrance and sensuality of a single color that has catched my eye. Within a square composition I favor for its richness and purity, I then mix hues, shapes and textures to evoke micro-worlds or to tell fragments of stories, often with a strong oniric component. All the rest is yours: how you will complete the story, or what you will decide to do in my pocket universe –  be it dreaming in the grass or flying above imaginary cities –  it is now yours to inhabit.

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